Topic 9 – Retirement Income Sources

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So now, as we build out our retirement income plan, we need to figure out what our sources of revenue are. Our income streams that are going to come in to fill out this equation of income versus expenses and find out if there is a gap. Something that needs to be filled from additional sources to create enough retirement income, to cover our expenses in retirement. Our income sources are typically from three different major sources. Number one is social security. Social security currently provides 66% of retirement income. The average annual social security retirement income is around $17,500. Then we see the next category is other how other is comprised of retirement accounts, personal savings, our inheritance, and other sources that create retirement income streams for us. Then finally, we see that last vestian of defined benefit plans, pension plans. Currently in the average retirees income sources, only 10% of retirees have access to a pension benefit. And those also will shrink in half for each future generation after the boomers. The switch from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans is happening right before our eyes. Our defined benefit was our pension plans. Our defined contribution is our 401k plans or employer sponsored plans.