Topic 8 – Class Certificate & Complimentary 3-Step Review

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You just received your certificate of completion. And now you’re wondering what’s next for the, yup. We offer an initial appointment complimentary to you now as completing our course of income allocation offered by the coastal financial planning group. Okay. How does that process look? Well, first of all, we meet in our first step of the three step review process to review your goals, find out what’s important to you about your retirement planning needs and also dreams and aspirations. Secondly, we’ll meet in a second step and we’ll provide some recommendations based on what you shared with us in our initial discovery in meeting, thirdly, we’ll look at it, your questions that you have regarding our recommendations and the third step. And finally we’ll determine whether or not you would prefer to implement some of our recommendations going forward. We look forward to see you signing up for an appointment, either online or in our office. And we look forward to the opportunities of providing you with an income allocation plan.