Topic 5 – Asset Allocation VS Income Allocation

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Asset allocation is just one strategy without a safety net,and it does rely solely on growth. “Hope it works” is your outcome because we have no control or defined outcome on how the markets perform. Hope is definitely not a strategy. I wouldn’t want to bank my future of my retirement income plan on hope. An example that I oftentimes use, is that my wife is a flight attendant for Delta airlines. And if I got on the flight heading from Atlanta to LA and the pilot told us that it’s sunny skies, clear breeze, we’re not going to head into any headwinds, but we may crash in the Grand Canyon. We’ve got about a 10% chance to crash in the Grand Canyon. I would say that my hope would be that I could get off that plane as soon as possible. We want to have surety when it comes to our retirement income planning. Asset allocation will not give us that surety, that we demand for our retirement income planning. Asset allocation is an investment strategy, not a retirement strategy.