Topic 3 – Potential Pitfalls to Traditional Retirement Planning


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So let’s continue now that we’ve set up our discussion about withdrawal rate risk. Withdrawal rate risk is that risk of taking money out too much, too fast, or maybe waiting too long and having money left over when our plan was to spend all that money down and our complete retirement years. So let’s talk a little bit more about some pitfalls to investing in retirement. Some additional potential pitfalls to traditional retirement planning are perhaps the lack of guaranteed sources of income. Remember that our senior population had those pensions, those defined benefit plans. And now our boomers only find about 10% of their retirement income sources that are guaranteed, to be able to provide those type of income streams that we need in retirement. So we have a lack of guaranteed sources. We have to find a way to fill that income gap with some additional guaranteed streams of income asset allocation, and the 4% withdrawal rate rule are typically used to be able to withdraw at a safe amount, to be able to make sure our money lasts as long as we need it to. But as we’ll see in another slide here, the 4% rule is no longer valid in today’s investment world.