Topic 2 – Alternative Strategy – Allocate for Income

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So what is Charles dilemma? Charles dilemma is, is that he has to figure out how he can withdraw out of his $50,000 pool, enough money so he can meet his expenses that are increasing, and also make sure that his money lasts as long as he lives. The unknown question. Charles is passed over the 90 mark. He easily could make it to the century mark. So what are Charles’s solutions? Let’s look at a few that may apply. Charles could create a predictable, measurable, and sustainable retirement income stream with his money. He’d have to find a source for that financial product. And that product would have to provide him some type of guarantee that he couldn’t outlive that payment, no matter how long he lived. Let’s apply this example now to our little sister Jill. Let’s see if the $1 million investment amount, that little sister Jill, if invested in different types of financial products instead of just the market, will provide a predictable, measurable and sustainable income for her and provide a solution which leaves her more money in 2017.