Topic 11 – Baby Boomer’s Retirement Challenge

So we’ve covered a lot of ground so far up through module two in income allocation. There’s some additional information that we’re going to cover in the next two modules. But right now I’d like to summarize what we’ve learned so far. In a summary of the boomers current retirement challenge, we see that we need to plan for a potential 30 year plus retirement while making our current resources last. We need to cover an income gap from our savings and investments versus what our expenses are anticipated to be. And then we need to adjust our past withdrawal rate assumptions for new longevity statistics, and potential market conditions, including volatility and draw-down, using something in the 2% range. We also need to account for sequence risk to reduce the potential for losses right before and right after retiring. Finally, we need to make sure that our estimated annual income need accounts for a year in and year out inflation, and potentially doubles about every 22 years. Let’s take this information and move forward into module three. We’ll continue to discuss additional risks, issues, and opportunities for your income planning in retirement.