Topic 3- The Three Greatest Risks

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So, what are these risks to the boomers retirement. Let’s cover the three greatest risks to retirement for the boomer and those challenges that they have. The first risk is longevity risk. Longevity risk has been referred to as the risk multiplier. The longer you live, the higher chances you have of other risks getting involved in your retirement. Another two risks that are also going to be covered in today’s class are going to be sequence risk and withdrawal rate risk. And we’ll cover those in much detail as we go forward in the class. Longevity risk, the risk multiplier sequence risk, or the things that we don’t have control over as far as market performance and finally withdrawal rate risk. How long do we have to take this money out of this pool of assets, and at what rate should we withdraw it out? Because our risk is, is if we take out the money too soon, we’ll have not enough left to get through the rest of our life after the money’s gone. And that’s the number one fear of retirees is running out of money during their retirement years. In fact, a well known author, Anthony Robbins, has been quoted as saying old and broke are two of the things that I don’t want to experience at the same time in retirement.